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Choose Influencer

Browse through the extensive list of social media influencers and select the ones suitable for your advertisement.


Post Requirements

Post your advertisement requirements, including the campaign details, target audience, and any specific instructions for the influencers.


Check Your Report

Once the influencers agree to your terms and conditions, your advertisement is set to go live.


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For News Reporters

Join the Future of News Reporter Monetization!

As an influencer, joining our platform opens up exciting opportunities for you to monetize your social media presence. Here's how it works:


Sign up and provide URLs for your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) along with your city location.

Opportunity Selection

Browse and select opportunities posted by advertisers that match your interests and audience.

Execution and Compensation

Accept opportunities, create content as required, and earn compensation based on your performance. A small commission is deducted, and the remaining amount is credited to your account.

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For Advertisers

Tap into the Power of Influencer Marketing

As an advertiser, leverage our platform to connect with influencers and promote your brand effectively. Post your requirements, select influencers matching your audience, and collaborate to achieve your marketing goals seamlessly.

Opportunity Posting

Post your requirements and target locations to connect with relevant influencers matching your brand's audience.

Influencer Selection

Browse and select influencers based on their demographics, audience reach, and engagement metrics to ensure maximum impact for your campaign.

Collaboration and Results

Collaborate with selected influencers, track campaign performance, and achieve your marketing goals effectively. Pay influencers based on the agreed terms, ensuring fair compensation for their efforts.

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